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5 Easy Pieces For The Dog Days Of Summer

It’s summer & the living is “supposed” to be easy, right?? If that were the case, my whole closet would be dresses because they are the most effortless way to look pulled together - especially when you’re sweltering! To wit, here are a few new pieces that have helped me keep cool these days + a few I have my eye on…..

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3 Key Lessons on Fashion & Life from Style Icon Carolina Herrera as She Steps Down

I have been slightly obsessed with Carolina Herrera for years - from investing my own meager funds in college to buy her eponymous perfume, to more recently ogling her at NY Fashion Week. So you can imagine my shock when I opened the New York Times 2 wks ago to find she is “stepping down” and handed the creative reigns over to a young designer, Wes Gordon. What??! I’m in a bit of withdrawl so I decided to create a post on her and sum up the things I admire about her so much...

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The One Item You Need This Fall: The Coatigan

Leave it to the British to come up with the perfect word for that in-between layer everyone wants when it starts to turn chilly: the coatigan. Part coat, part cartigan, 100% comfortable & ideally not a mushy sweater fabric that loses its structure over time. I got a great one last year from MM LaFleur but couldn’t find any from them this season so I rounded up a few alternatives, below.

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Why the Clutch is Clutch

I was recently traveling with a friend who is always put together. When we stepped out for the evening, she had complete poise with a great soft gold pouch tucked under her arm, while I had huge bag that could have doubled as a suitcase. Not so cute. I realized that I had been missing an entire category of form & function in my wardrobe: the clutch!

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Summer Resolution: Clean Up My Beauty Routine

“To be original, one must be different” was the Coco Chanel motto I remember my grandmother quoting when I was very young. It stuck with me and as I get older it rings even more true! So it is a treat when I discover a whole new venue for home inspiration and today it is Bungalow Classic, a delightful store (with online shop) in Atlanta owned by stylish pair Courtney & Randy Tilinski.

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Wardrobe Refresh: Get Ready for Summer!

Loi & his partner Thomas Troeschel are the real deal when it comes to stylish living, as they renovate their own houses (in Maine and Washington DC), entertain friends & family & dogs beautifully, run an exquisite shop with an international network of clients, a massively popular blog & Instagram feed...and yet seem to truly take their time to appreciate nature, history, art & good design. To me, this is the recipe for a life well lived!!

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Get Some "April in Paris" Now

One of my goals in creating this blog was to put a spotlight on unique, original, NOT homogenized kind of finds that have the power to uplift in mysterious little ways. Of course, that would have to mean at some point a stop in Paris! Since I’m not there now & not planning to be this Spring, I thought why not bring Paris to my doorstep??

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