6 Rules for Dressing Cool in Winter

Yes, you read that right — it’s not an oxymoron. Let’s just say that being told you look HOT has a whole different meaning to me now vs. 20 years ago….today it means, NO REALLY - open a window, now!  If you’re in the same boat — or maybe you just work in an overheated office or your skin doesn’t like dry winter air — here are some solutions & lessons I’ve learned (as a mentor of mine says “mostly the hard way” — meaning, they are time-tested & WORK).

Rule #1 - You need pieces that are not just lightweight but have some movement & airiness. This top by Velvet does the trick — and looks passable & polished even for dressier things...

Rule #2:  Get to know & love the 3/4 length sleeve! I have this top from Amour Vert in grey and am getting it in blush pink for Spring. A staple piece.

Rule #3 - you CAN wear short sleeves in Winter, so long as the material is warmer. This sweater from Garnet Hill can be dressed up or down (and to wit: has great pointelle detailing for added circulation).

Rule #4: Linen can be a girl’s best friend! It’s got great breezy texture, and you can layer it with a tank top underneath if you want more softness, or even a lightweight cashmere scarf. I love this one by Velvet:

Rule #5: Get serious about the quality and sustainability of your fabric choices. I adore all the pieces I’ve gotten from Amour Vert over past couple of years, including this top  This San Francisco-based & produced clothing line has the smoothest blends of cotton and silk - at great prices. 

Rule #6.  When you find what works for you, get it in multiple colors & you’ll be all set!  I have this shirt from Frame in navy/white stripes & wear it a little too much:) -- so just ordered it in black.

If all else fails, get a portable fan….


….and don’t forget to have a good laugh with a friend about all this!!!  (Thank you, Carol, for your hilarious cartoon bday card on the subject!)


(artist credit: John McPherson)

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