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Get Some "April in Paris" Now

One of my goals in creating this blog was to put a spotlight on unique, original, NOT homogenized kind of finds that have the power to uplift in mysterious little ways. Of course, that would have to mean at some point a stop in Paris! Since I’m not there now & not planning to be this Spring, I thought why not bring Paris to my doorstep??

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How to Launch Your Own Brand

Since launching this blog, I’ve received so many inquiries from friends and new aquaintances about how THEY can get started on their own website or blog too, which I find very exciting. The funny thing is that as a brand strategy consultant, I’ve helped clients around the world design multi-million dollar online ventures & can do it in my sleep….but doing it for oneself (everyone’s toughest critic & client) and on a shoestring budget - that is hard!

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