Summer Resolution: Clean Up My Beauty Routine

I’ve always been a less-is-more person in the Beauty department — I don’t do peels & cannot be accused of spending much on makeup, that’s for sure. But since I’m going through cancer treatment (feeling good these days!), I’ve become inspired to put more thought and care into everything I use and the beauty area is one I need to revisit.  

And since beauty (and health!) starts from the inside out, I’ve been making some diet tweaks too, following great suggestions and insights from LA nutritionist Elissa Goodman, whose book I picked up at one of my favorite restaurants, Fig & Olive. I’m actually having a phone consultation with Elissa tomorrow, so I’ll report back any more helpful info to you all after that!

This will probably be the first of several posts on the subject of beauty & wellness this summer, so please let me know what you think and if you have other brands/tips you recommend.


Here are the top brands and products I’m going to be focusing on to clean up my beauty routine. Which ones have you used & liked??


BeautyCounter — I had the privilege of meeting BeautyCounter’s founder, Gregg Renfrew, a few years ago at The Nantucket Project where she spoke passionately about her mission to offer a truly natural & sustainable beauty line. BeautyCounter bans some 1,500 ingredients that are objectionable to her standards - which she calls their “Never List.” In fact, many of these ingredients are already banned in Europe, but sadly still in use in big-brand American products.

She has a strong but no-nonsense message that big corporate beauty brands need to have more transparency & be better regulated to meet national health standards. When not advocating on Capitol Hill, Gregg is bringing beautiful new products to market or hanging out with her husband & kids.

Nourishing Cream Cleanser ($26)


Sheer Lipstick ($30)


Protect All Over Sunscreen ($32)


Color Shade Eye Duo ($34)


Cleanser - Lipstick - Sunscreen - Eye Duo

PS - if you’re interested in more info. about how/why they make their products and what the benefits are to you, check out the BeautyCounter blog which is terrific!

Lastly, you CAN order straight from the website, which is my preference, but they also have a brand ambassador-style service too where you can work 1:1 with one of their consultants. When I first heard about the brand, I thought you had to go through a consultant, but it’s your choice — their online shop is great.

Tata Harperhow can you not fall in love with her and this brand?  Tata is a native of Colombia, now living on a farm in Vermont with her kids and yes, 8 dogs!  I first tried this brand when they had it in a boutique hotel (in Napa? Vermont? I can’t remember where)…but I remember the products and loved them.


Tata is adamant about keeping the production of Tata Harper products under her control - not outsourced -  so that nothing will be compromised. If you see this dreamy little video, you’ll get a better sense of the quality and joy that goes into this line!

Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint ($36)


Purifying Cleanser ($66)


Be True ($29)


Clarifying Mask ($68)


Lip & Cheek Tint - Cleanser - Be True - Clarifying Mask

Other brands I’m going to look into more are Aveda, Chantecaille and Glossier.  Have you used any of their more natural products and liked them? If so, do tell!

Thanks again, everyone for filling my inbox with SO many good ideas — again, it’s  I’m so appreciative to all of you for reading this and adding so much dimension to it with your suggestions and encouragement!! I’m really looking forward to summer, longer/brighter days & more fun things for all us to investigate together.