Spring Fashion Refresh

It’s been a lovely & cool Spring here in DC, so I’m juuussst finally getting around to thinking about warm weather clothes! There are so many choices out there for fun Spring fashion refresh but I find myself as always looking for updated staple pieces that last beyond this year and can be layered into other seasons.

Here are my top choices - see what you think!

To start, I adore this easy dress from Garnet Hill. I’ve been a fan of this New England-based brand for years & love their fabrics especially - natural blends, often eco-friendly, with great styling & durability….


The ruffled linen dress also comes in a pretty Rose color.

As you may know, I’m also crazy about Everlane, the new fashion startup in San Francisco. I just ordered this piece below, a silk charmeuse top, that I think could work well with anything from white jeans to black cocktail capri’s…..

My spring shoes seem to have gotten lost in our move somehow (or maybe I sent them to our vacation house?:( — in any case, I’m in need of some easy but presentable sandals for spring/summer. I love these wedges from J. McLaughlin - comes in a natural color too.


I LIVE in these below from Garnet Hill - mine are in Bronze and they go with pretty much everything!


I really can’t deal with heat & find that an A-line dress gives looseness without being totally shapeless, since it’s fitted in the shoulders. I’ve got my eye on this one in black….


My T-shirts seem to be a little sad these days - need to prune the less-good ones! I’m very picky about fit for T-shirts (aren’t we all?!) and the best I have are the ones from The White Company, a British company founded by a woman, so she KNOWS about fit…


My only complaint about the White Company tee’s is their limited palette - white, navy & black. I love neutrals but wouldn’t mind having these tee’s in other colors:)

I recommend their long sleeve shirts too, which come in handy on windy or cooler summer days, or layered over a T-shirt. Soft yet structured & they hold up really well in the wash….


Last but not least, I got 2 skirts just like this in Amsterdam last month & have been wearing them constantly (one in blue & one in khaki). Very forgiving & versatile….


The one big hole in my wardrobe now is white jeans or capri’s. My go-to ones from AG don’t seem to be as flattering any more & I haaaate trying on jeans. If anyone knows of good brand or style, please let me know!

Lastly, if you want to peruse other ideas, check out my Pinterest board, called “Wearable Fashion.” You may like it — or you may tell me, as my friend L.W. did that everyone in it is REALLY thin. Which could be my wishful thinking creeping into the picture, since all my clothes are TIGHT!:)

Oh well, onward & hope you all have a wonderful weekend!