Why the Clutch is Clutch

I was recently traveling with a friend who is always put together. When we stepped out for the evening, she had complete poise with a great soft gold pouch tucked under her arm, while I had huge bag that could have doubled as a suitcase. Not so cute. I realized that I had been missing an entire category of form & function in my wardrobe: the clutch! I am forever that kind of last minute person who gives her husband a lipstick to hold in his suit jacket (which of course I forget to use at the party, much less retrieve afterwards). I tuck a credit card in my pocket perhaps & keys again in the husband’s jacket…Maybe I could learn to be one of those cooler, organized types who have assortment of some go-to clutches?   

Herewith are my choices and perhaps some inspiration if you need one too. I have exactly two in my arsenal now - one from my friend Gail that I ADORE, but the company is no longer operating & it is woolen so not as much of a summer bag. The other is from Couture Planet, which turns laminated newspapers into interesting conversation-piece bags — they are revamping their website as we speak, but you can find some samples at CouturePlanet.com.

I wanted to find couple clutches that I could use for summer evenings, which might be less formal & yes, splash-proof since I am hoping to be near some body of water as much as I can! Most of them are in the $100 - 200 range, some higher, some lower. (Tuckernuck & couple others seem to be running sales & specials too.) There’s one from Clare V. that is both more expensive & less practical but I just thought was so pretty I had to include it.

I haven’t made my selects yet, so please chime in if you know of other great options!

Thanks & cheers to many fun summer evenings for all,



Kayu "Santafe" Straw Clutch (Take 20% off with code:HBDUSA) - Moyna Beaded Clutch - Clare V. Petite Mini - J. McLaughlin "Alice" Clutch

All photos courtesy of the brand’s individual websites, except for the gorgeous cover photo which is courtesy of great site, Design Darling (run by fellow Darien native Mackenzie Horan!).