Making the "Lean Closet" Craze Work for You

You may have heard the rumble about “capsule wardrobes” – and now its cousin, the “Lean Closet” is getting even more traction.What is this and why should you care? Because embracing their principles can save you tons of time, stress – AND help you dress better season after season. The big idea behind these movements is to buy fewer wardrobe pieces and ONLY what you absolutely adore. So that means saying no to impulse purchases, 2 for 1 sales, and whatever items you think you “should” be wearing (but in truth know you never will!). It also means ruthlessly going through your closet to weed out all the B+ items to celebrate the A+’s in your wardrobe – quality over quantity.

Thankfully many new brands are embracing this trend and creating really beautiful pieces with top-quality fabrics and styling. Ones I love are:

Cuyana – their motto “Fewer, Better” says it all & they don’t disappoint! Cuyana's seasonless classics have really elegant details and styling. I love their leather goods, cashmere sweaters, & capes…Here are a few samples —


Everlane —  this brand focuses on selling online and has tagline “Modern Basics, Radical Transparency” since they take out the middle-man (retailer) and show you exactly where the items are made. They are proud of their relationships with factories worldwide and focus on best quality possible at affordable price point. Their cashmere, T-shirts and poplin shirts are super soft!

Love this brand and find new things from them each season. I think I’ll have to try out their silks next...