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Lake house Sneak Peek & Resources for the Non-professional Decorator

As a transplanted New Yorker living in Washington DC, I love it when I find other people with similar background. Anna Matthews is a design crush of mine & although we haven’t worked together (yet!), I adore how she creates lovely LIVABLE spaces, especially for families and dogs! A Parsons grad, Anna has a beautiful sense of color and scale — making each of her projects somehow both cheerful and yet sophisticated. DC is lucky to have her:)

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Why the Clutch is Clutch

I was recently traveling with a friend who is always put together. When we stepped out for the evening, she had complete poise with a great soft gold pouch tucked under her arm, while I had huge bag that could have doubled as a suitcase. Not so cute. I realized that I had been missing an entire category of form & function in my wardrobe: the clutch!

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Welcome Home: The Importance of Your Entrance

Happy official summer to everyone! The new season coincided with completion of a house project I’d been chipping away at all spring — a new look for our front hall. We’ve been in our house for 10 years now and it’s funny but I just stopped noticing the front hall. In a busy house full of kids & pets & seemingly constant Amazon Prime deliveries (why??), the front hall is often our favorite dumping ground for backpacks, packages & yes, suitcases.

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