Destination: NYC

If you are in need of a visual & decor “fix,” there’s no place with more eye candy than my original hometown, NYC! Even a quick 24-hour blitz through NYC can recharge my senses in a way that nowhere else can. Here are some of my favorite haunts - enjoy!!

Ok, to start: a new favorite place - KRB (138 East 74th Street, in between Park & Lexington). This inspired shop is the creation of Kate Rheinstein Brodsky - daughter of famed designer Suzanne Rheinstein….lots of great handmade pieces from around the world, plus vintage finds - beautifully presented.


Doesn’t this look like you’ve landed in a great European hall? Nope, it’s in the heart of midtown NYC — The New York Public Library (476 Fifth Ave, x 41st Street), where I’ve written many a blog post:) If you’re in town & looking for a good workspace, this is where I’d head….


If you need to revamp your office supplies - or are as obsessed with good pens as my daughter Avery & I are! — check out Goods for the Study (50 West 8th St.). It is chock-a-block with European notebooks, folios, memo pads you didn’t realize you NEEDED, but yes, you do….


Where to stay? That’s easy - The Marlton (5 West 8th Street). I LOVE this place - it’s cozy without being cloying, cool without being moody/broody. Lovely courtyard behind the cafe. Great bar. What more could a girl want?!


Recently ranked by Architectural Digest as the best independent boutique in the city, Creel & Gow (131 East 70th Street) is a visual feast. It’s like if John Derian and Deyrolle in Paris did some kind of collab by way of the 8th floor of Bergdorf’s….but better. Hard to describe, just go! I took home two of these amazing framed sepia specimens.


Another must-see is One Kings Lane’s new shop in Soho (143 Spring Street). If I could move in here, I would! They have 2 floors full of charming vignettes staged just like a house, with art, lamps, books, sofas….don’t miss their new interior design studio upstairs where you can book a consultation with their experts.


Perfect night cap spot: The Carlyle’s Bemelmans Bar (35 East 76th Street), complete with incredible 360-degree murals by famed Madeline author, Ludwig Bemelmans. Great mood lighting & atmosphere (hard to capture in a photo!)….


Where to eat? Full disclosure: I’m not a foodie. I love smaller places with atmosphere, healthy but hearty dishes, good wine, friendly service, candlelight, & a good mix of 70s tunes with Etta James perhaps….well, here it is - Extra Virgin (259 West 4th Street). It’s a nice walk from The Marlton to this spot, lovely neighborhood (right across from old apartment - sigh!!)


No trip to NYC is complete without a traipse through a classic bookstore or two! There are so many but if you had to choose one, hit The Strand (828 Broadway). It has tons of used books in every subject plus curated new titles. I could also live in here:)


Did I mention your NYC getaway can include your dogs?! Why yes, The Marlton accepts dogs…


AND since you’re indulging in all kinds of visual fun for yourself, why not go to Fishs Eddy (889 Broadway) & commission a quick portrait of Fido too? I’m obsessed with Fish’s Eddy for all their surplus restaurant goods (you can buy boxes of plates from local diners for a song) but they also have a little artist studio where you can get a sweet pet portrait for just $120! Note: these are done from PHOTOS only — don’t bring your furry friend to the store.


Last but not least, Mecox Gardens (962 Lexington Ave.) is decorating mecca with high-end furniture, art mixed with very affordable accessories. It’s not huge but is packed with great style choices!


BTW, you may have noticed that I’ve got you running up & downtown in this post, which was not my intention! I’m trying a new platform for this post & couldn’t get the images to line up in right order — so maybe in a following post I’ll throw in a map of places so you can get it all in focus. Let me know if you have a special spot in NYC that I should include in upcoming posts.

Cheers & thanks for reading!


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