A 17 Room Apartment on Top of Bergdorf Goodman?!

It sounds like a fantasy, I know, but in fact, the founders of Bergdorf Goodman DID truly live above the store for many decades. Can you imagine??!  My grandmother knew the family from their time in Rye, New York and would tell me about attending grand parties in their massive apartment on the 9th floor of Bergdorf’s (754 Fifth Avenue, NYC). I have to confess I thought was a BIT of exaggeration but on a recent visit to the store, I saw a plaque commemorating this fact. Incredibly opulent, no?

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that in these crazy days of political ugliness and so much global strife, I’m looking more & more to the past with a sense of nostalgia and appreciation. I focus more on beauty in day-to-day moments. I find calm in old art and photography books vs. the latest Internet photos.  If you’re feeling the same, maybe you’ll appreciate a drift down Memory Lane to the Goodman family’s story about “living above the store,” thanks to the New York Social Diary, here.