How to Turn Carpool (or Commuting) from Mind-Numbing to Mind Blowing

I spend a good deal of time in the car. Too much! But last year I discovered how transformative that time could be if I took a tiny bit of time at home downloading some great podcasts. Who knew that I could take in a TED talk or two on the way to Target? Or have Ellen Degeneres make me laugh all the way through traffic to Avery’s lacrosse game?? And beyond just entertaining or stimulating, podcasts helped me learn some very specific skills and information about areas I was interested in - specifically blogging, finding your voice, home design, social media and how to keep your focus when there are SO many distractions today.

Below are some of my favorites (I have more!) — what are yours?

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My favorite podcasts:

1.) The Tim Ferriss Show - author of the 4-Hour Work Week, he’s a real iconoclast who breaks apart conventional wisdom & focuses on results in self-improvement. Great episodes include: “How to 10x Your Results, One Tiny Tweak at a Time” (Episode #144), and “5 Tools Use for Faster & Better Sleep” (Episode #113). Also loved the interview with Brene Brown, who is so insightful.


2.) Grace Bonney’s After the Jump - this is my all-time favorite. Grace founded the cult-followed blog Design Sponge & used to have a podcast series at Roberta’s in Brooklyn. She has now moved to Upstate NY, still has the amazing blog/site Design Sponge but no longer podcasts. Still, you can enjoy a huge library of her interviews with design and cultural luminaries, as well as her very down to earth perspective about brand building and staying true to your own vision. Good ones to try are:

* “Expressing Your Voice Through Social Media (Episode #67)

* Interview with Susan Brinson of House of Brinson (Episode # 72)

3.) Million Dollar Decorating with James Swan. Really interesting interviews with accomplished interior designers about what makes a house a home, what their influences and inspirations are & how you can channel some of that in your own world.

I loved the one with Alexa Hampton - my mom & grandmother were friendly with her father, the late great Mark Hampton, & always said how debonair he was. Alexa has her own spark & would be amazing to chat with! This interview gives you a sense of her personality and style.

Of course I’m partial to Episode #231 because it features my client/friend, India Hicks. She is so interesting and like Alexa, she is design royalty (her father was David Hicks). India is the essence of style and yet a very REAL and down to earth person & approach that weaves in big helpings of family and friends.

Episode #218 on Serena Crawford blew me away because I had never heard of this person & she has unbelievable point of view and portfolio. Also, she lives in South Africa, which is where I’d retire if my husband didn’t want to move to NH :)  There is something about South Africa that really stayed with me long after my visit - it’s just got a creative energy, incredible light and feeling of nature even in Johannesburg. Serena Crawford captures a lot of the lifestyle there and will take you far, far away from your commute!


I could go on & on about other podcasts - for brevity, let me just throw out a few other ones for you here, across a range of topics:

* Bon Appetit — the editor in chief of the magazine brings you interviews & tips from top chefs around the world

* WTF with Marc Maron — highly enjoyable interviews with irreverant host. Loved the one on Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

* Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn - a big-wig in this space, Pat helps you rethink your business, whatever field you’re in

* Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin — great interviews with people you’d want to meet, from David Brooks to Amy Schumer...

* Pop & Banter - a new series started by my friends Becca and Tiffany. Check it out!