Back to School Supplies...for Grownups!!

One of the odd things about being an Empty Nester is not having an “excuse” to hit up every art supply, stationery & Big Box store in my zip code in search of perfect Back-to-School supplies for my daughters. Well, who says I can’t do that for MYSELF?!! Because yes, every girl needs the perfect set of desk ware — no matter her age:) Here are my favorites!!

First of course, what to write with? I’m obsessed with these colorful pens , which have great saturated color in a point that is fine enough for list making….


For more business-y stuff, I stock up on these German-engineered beauties. Serious quality at a great price!


My daughter Avery, seen scouring shelves of an art supply store in NYC, is as much of a perfect-pen junkie as I am I’m afraid!


I posted something on Insta to get feedback on everyone’s fave pens & this one came up high on the list! Just ordered a bunch…


Then, where to keep all your gorgeous pens when you’re on the go? Why everyone needs a trusty pencil holder — which I often get for reading glasses too. The pic below of one by Quitterie, from the Japanese brand Delfonics, which does NOT do this wonder justice!!


I first discovered this brand in the gift shop at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC — & now find you can actually order them on Amazon!:) It’s lightweight, waterproof PVC material that is ideal for traveling & for people who spill their coffee often (me:). The colors are gorgeous - & as my friend Jen swears by, it’s helpful to have something BRIGHT in your handbag so you can see/find it quickly….


Sigh….the art studio in our old house below — my cousin Eliot & I poring through magazines. I mean the ROOM for endless art/school supplies was epic! Oh well, moving right along….


OK - to go with your snazzy pouches, how bout a handy note jotter? Especially helpful for my “senior moments” these days (or maybe it’s just ADHD? who knows - regardless, writing stuff down is a lifesaver!).


Or you could REALLY crazy and get a whole suite of pads ie; this desk set from Russell & Hazel, which has beautiful quality paper & smart design. I’m a huge fan!


Another great Back to School item I love is a bulletin board. I wish mine was neater now & I’d show you how it looks in person — alas, it’s crammed full!!:( I have the large size of this Ballard Burlap Message Board which looks just right in city or country spaces….


When styled up well, mine can look like this below (I snapped up this pic in a Showhouse because it was so dreamy…hence breaking the no photography rule - shhh…don’t tell anyone!!)


Another inspiring Back to School kind of thing I love & collect are marbleized paper boxes & containers. Il Papiro is one of my favorite resources - maybe you know of others that you can order online? If so, please let me know!


Jen (a fellow paper goods fan) & I discovered a treasure trove of paper boxes at Mecox Gardens in LA a while back….I just adore them!!


Last but not least, I love my felt computer case, which I picked up for a song on Etsy. I think I’ve gotten 2 or 3 of them over the years — they’re durable and kind of stylish, don’t you think? Beats neoprene in my mind!


Well, that’s those are the greatest hits for Back to School from my point of view! Are there categories and items you are obsessed with for desk organizing & paper/pens? DM me on Insta (@elegant.mayhem) with any suggestions & I’ll spread the word!

Thanks for reading & see you next week -


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