Progress on the Homefront: Part I

First of all, thank you for reading this & giving me a chance to share a little progress on the homefront here! It’s been 18 months since we moved in and things are finally, sloooowly but surely, coming together. I still have many areas to tackle & fool with, but day-to-day, I feel that this house is really becoming a home. Let me show you what I mean!

First up, our Master Bedroom….


Our bedroom is less than half the size of our old one, so it took some creative imagination to make everything work — but this pair of framed & pressed 19th century “Herbier” from Creel & Gow in NYC, new pillows from Les Indiennes, & MOST of all, the gorgeous new French blue linen headboard really make it feel more cozy.


I seem to be going a little nuts on my gallery wall but it’s so much fun layering in all these bits! Paintings by my dad (the little landscape), by me (a charcoal nude I did in a class in France ages ago), a Chagall print I got from my parents, and framed images from my bajillion art books…..


The original period brass hardware is one of the things that made me fall in love with this house at first sight. I’ve looped on many of the doors the silk tassles I got in Marrakech a while back. And since I’m not going to Morocco anytime soon:) I continue to pick up old tassles whenever I see them so that all the bedrooms have them as a good luck charm…


The second floor hallway landing seemed like great opportunity to add a little visual interest….but what? I was paralyzed by indecision (inertia?:) for months - another gallery wall? something oversized?


I finally realized what it needed was a good old fashioned mirror, so it could capture some of the ambient light, opening up the space (& not weighing down with another gallery wall sandwiched in between the Master bedroom & the lower hallway’s gallery wall). AND a table underneath to anchor it, which had to be suuuuper skinny so it didn’t eat up room to pass through….


After all that hemming & hawing, once I made the decision, it was 2 clicks of the mouse on One Kings Lane & I was done. Why. Do. I. Procrastinate. So. Much.???! Now with motivation flowing, I’m going to put up these BEAUTIFUL little dessert plates that my bridesmaids gave me - will put a couple on either side of the mirror….stay tuned for that.


Last but not least, the hallway needed an odd shaped rug (I had tried a bunch of kilims I got at our local charity shop, but they all looked like tiny bathmats in the space). I found a place online when we first moved in & I needed an unusual size seagrass rug for our dining room (ahem, or some may say, dining “nook”)….to the rescue, this company, Sisal Rugs Direct which makes really affordable custom seagrass rugs with different bindings & works super quick.


Ta-da!! No more black hole - and if you get the seagrass (NOT sisal), you’ll find it’s very pet-friendly in case of accidents (not that I’d know anything about that in my perfect house!:)


OK, that’s all for now - would love to know if there are particular house projects that you procrastinate on or are stumped by? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’re not the only one dragging her heels on it — throw me a Q & I’ll try to address in upcoming post for you!


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