An Appreciation: Kate Spade’s Artistic Eye

I got to meet Kate Spade just once, a very long time ago at a family wedding in Napa. She had yet to officially kick off her handbag empire but there she was at the luau-themed brunch with - if memory serves me! - a little purse she made out of a REAL coconut. Classic. Adorable & so original, just like the style she came to be known for.  SO I decided to dedicate this post to Kate Spade and her artistic eye, which brought beauty, warmth & personality into everything she did.

Everyone is into the “salon wall”-style now, but Kate & Andy Spade were the first I remember to use it so liberally - both in their homes (below, Southampton) and their stores...


I love the mash-up of traditional furniture and classic style with exuberant modern art in their Park Avenue apartment here:


Apparently this portrait by the late Alice Neel was one of her favorites, in part she said because it was unfinished….


Lots of great photography is layered throughout her spaces...


Kate and Andy Spade worked very closely with their friend, interior designer & dealer, Steven Sclaroff.  You can visit his shop in NYC at 44 White Street OR stalk his website of online inventory.  These are newly framed prints of constellations from the 1920’s, only $325 each. He has total of 25 & they can be purchased individually. Wouldn’t they look incredible all together?? (if you’re interested, you can email the shop directly:


It’s not my usual style, but this set of photographs of old Mack trucks really caught my eye. They could add some personality and interest to a more classical or traditional backdrop. Scarloff is known for his great sense of quirkiness and I can see how it would be contagious to be around! 


We’ll never get to see what creative ventures she would have tackled next, but what an amazing body of creative work she leaves behind in so many ways - from fashion to art, interior design, books, accessories….Quite a legacy indeed.


(For more info & photo credits, jump over to The Coveteur, The Selby & Steven Scarloff’s site - all of which are beautiful.)

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