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5 Hacks for Vacation House Decor

Summer is finally in full swing - so why can’t I relax?? Crazily, it’s because I always overestimate how our summer house will be “done” by this time & then find myself facing reality of projects still unfinished from last summer:( Talk about a First World problem, I know! But if you are on nice long summer vacation or have a place of your own somewhere special, you want to ENJOY it. Here are a few hacks I’ve found to get you there quickly - so you can chill out…

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Entertainment & Self-Development to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s the time of year when we all need a boost to stay motivated, right? For me, that energy almost always comes from entertainment or infotainment — some way to get out of my own head & think about or LAUGH about something else. I’ve been lucky lately, finding all kinds of stuff to keep me engaged. Check these out & feel free to add your own favorites in the Comments so we can ALL enjoy!

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How To Sell Your House Quickly

I’m not a real estate professional, but thankfully I work with a great one, my longtime friend Hans Wydler of Wydler Brothers! Hans sold our previous home in record time and did so again this time around, with contracts submitted just 1 week after first listing. My husband & I were not “planning” to move from our house below this Fall after 12 happy years here, but the chance to try a different lifestyle (moving from Washington DC suburbs to closer downtown, in Georgetown) kind of fell into our lap & so our move is ON — officially set for 10 days from now (gulp!).

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3 Things I Think Are Great

Last week was my husband & my 21st anniversary, bittersweet because it was same day as a memorial fundraiser for our late friend & Best Man, Bob Miller. So there was no celebration exactly but there was some talk about our time together. “You’ve done some CRAZY stuff in the decades we’ve been together,” Ted said, "but THIS... is by FAR…. the craziest yet,” shaking his head. “This” is our decision to put our house on the market and move to this place….a 19th century row house in a historic part of DC, Georgetown.

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How to Launch Your Own Brand

Since launching this blog, I’ve received so many inquiries from friends and new aquaintances about how THEY can get started on their own website or blog too, which I find very exciting. The funny thing is that as a brand strategy consultant, I’ve helped clients around the world design multi-million dollar online ventures & can do it in my sleep….but doing it for oneself (everyone’s toughest critic & client) and on a shoestring budget - that is hard!

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