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In A Rut? Meet Some Inspiring Women Leading Lives of Style & Substance

I wanted to share something kind of personal with you all in this post, about transitions and opportunities-in-disguise, as it’s been on my mind a LOT these days.

Lately I have been meeting more & more people who are embracing change & finding new ways to “live their best life,” as Oprah used to say:) So in that spirit, here’s a bit about who they are, what they’re doing & how we can all learn from their experiences!

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3 Key Lessons on Fashion & Life from Style Icon Carolina Herrera as She Steps Down

I have been slightly obsessed with Carolina Herrera for years - from investing my own meager funds in college to buy her eponymous perfume, to more recently ogling her at NY Fashion Week. So you can imagine my shock when I opened the New York Times 2 wks ago to find she is “stepping down” and handed the creative reigns over to a young designer, Wes Gordon. What??! I’m in a bit of withdrawl so I decided to create a post on her and sum up the things I admire about her so much...

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3 Things I Think Are Great

Last week was my husband & my 21st anniversary, bittersweet because it was same day as a memorial fundraiser for our late friend & Best Man, Bob Miller. So there was no celebration exactly but there was some talk about our time together. “You’ve done some CRAZY stuff in the decades we’ve been together,” Ted said, "but THIS... is by FAR…. the craziest yet,” shaking his head. “This” is our decision to put our house on the market and move to this place….a 19th century row house in a historic part of DC, Georgetown.

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Oh La La! Paris on Sale Now

As a transplanted New Yorker living in Washington DC, I love it when I find other people with similar background. Anna Matthews is a design crush of mine & although we haven’t worked together (yet!), I adore how she creates lovely LIVABLE spaces, especially for families and dogs! A Parsons grad, Anna has a beautiful sense of color and scale — making each of her projects somehow both cheerful and yet sophisticated. DC is lucky to have her:)

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